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Product Description

AMP TEL-SPLICE CONNECTOR 552965-2 PK/5 CARTRIDGES NEW Tel-Splice Connectors provide an economical and reliable means of splicing telephone cable conductors. The connectors incorporate an insulation displacement type contact and polypropylene housings, which offer excellent dielectric characteristics and are highly resistant to chemical attack and moisture. Flame retardant connectors, with clear polycarbonate housings, are also available.

Any combination of solid copper wire, 26-19 AWG [0.4-0.9 mm] can be terminated in one connector (2- or 3- wire, Half-Tap, or Clear & Cap) eliminating the need to stock several connectors to cover this wire range. Straight, bridge, and half-tap splices can be made with these connectors. The terminals are manufactured from tin-plated phosphor bronze for maximum electrical continuity.

These connectors are available in both filled and unfilled versions. The filled connector prevents insulation resistance failures and degradation of the electrical contact caused by short-time water immersion or environmental contamination. A minimal amount of training is required by the operator to apply the Tel-Splice Connector. Operator's time is kept to a minimum by eliminating the need for prestripping the wire. The final termination is a gas-tight, moisture-proof splice with maximum applied cost savings.

The Tel-Splice Connector is available in either loose piece or cartridge versions. Used to splice telephone cable conductors 26-19 AWG [0.4-0.9 mm] solid copper conductors No prestripping required Gas-tight connections Housings highly resistant to chemicals and moisture Available in either filled or unfilled versions 2-Wire, 3-Wire, Half-Tap, and Clear & Cap versions Packaged in either loose piece or cartridge versions Color-coded individual connectors and colored stickers on packages for easy identification Wire entry ports extend to rear of housing, which prevents two wires sliding into one contact position Dual slot for each wire No prestripping required Lower applied cost Minimum training required Gas-tight connections Used with PVC, PE, PP or filled cable (maximum insulation outside diameter .080 [2.03 mm] Wide range of terminating tools available Typical Applications Load coils, Stub cables, Ready access terminals, Trunk and toll cables, Rearrangements, Half-Tapping.

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