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ACTERNA/JDSU/TTC FST-2802-GIGE TESTPAD GIGABIT TESTER REPAIRED Acterna FST-2802 TestPad Gigabit Ethernet Services Module Now able to test Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP services in a single test instrument!

Ethernet Traffic Testing The FST-2802 allows users to transmit traffic up to 100% of wire speed and specify either an Acterna or BERT payload when turning up an Ethernet link. Robust traffic generation capabilities of the FST-2802 enable generation of Ethernet frameswith various configurable parameters such as bandwidth utilization, frame length, and frame payload. The user can also choose to transmit a PRBS pattern or a 32-bit fixed pattern as a defined sequence of 1s and 0s. In either case, different traffic conditions can be simulated by choosing constant, ramp, or bursty traffic load settings. Finally, an analysis can be done on the performance of the link through an easy-to-use result interface.

Highlights Full line rate trafficgeneration to test IP services Ability to generate full line rate 10/100 and GigEservices Ability to test1.0625 and 2.125 Gbps Fibre Channelservicesat100% wire speed Support for Fibre Channel login and buffer crediting for sub-rate testing BER testing atLayer 1 and Layer 2 for Ethernetand Fibre Channelcircuits Ability to perform RFC2544 benchmarking testing VLAN and TOS/DSCP traffic prioritization testing Variable traffic load characteristics to measure the true performance of the link Dual-portcapability for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP traffic generation Loopbackframe generation to loop the far-end test instrumentautomatically Easy-to-use graphical interface to minimize the training requirements

Ordering Information 2000-V6 Acterna FST-2000 TestPad User Interface Module (UIM) 2802-GIGE FST-2802 1G Ethernet Single Port Mainframe 2802-DUAL FST-2802 1G Ethernet Dual Port Mainframe 2802-ELEC FST-2802 10/100 Ethernet Single Port Mainframe 2802-ELEC-DUAL FST-2802 10/100 Ethernet Dual Port Mainframe 2802-FE 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Option (only available on 2802-GIGE and 2802-DUAL) 2802-VLAN VLAN Option 2802-IPSW IP Traffic Option 2802-1G-FC Fibre Channel 1.0625 Gbps Option 2802-2G-FC Fibre Channel 2.125 Gbps Option AC-GBIC-COPPER Copper GBIC (1000BaseT) AC-GBIC-ALLRATE-SX All Rate MM GBIC (850 nm) (1GigE, 1G, and 2G Fibre Channel) AC-GBIC-ALLRATE-LX All Rate SM GBIC (1310 nm) (1GigE, 1G, and 2G Fibre Channel) AC-GBIC-LONGHAUL Long Haul 1550 nm GBIC

***THE UNIT WE ARE SELLING IS BELOW*** 2802-GIGE FST-2802 1G Ethernet Single Port Mainframe

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