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COLT 450 HDSL TEST SET NEW Advanced DSL Testing The CoLT-450 is an advanced modular test set for verifying that DSL technologies such as ADSL, ADSL 2+, SHDSL and VDSL are properly deployed and managed. Whether for installation, maintenance and/or troubleshooting of DSL circuits; ILECs, CLECs and sub-contracting Installers will agree that the CoLT-450 is the perfect tool for the job! The CoLT-450 accurately verifies that the local loop can carry the promised service. Test results can be stored as a permanent record of the installation. Easy to use. Simple to Operate The CoLT-450 makes determining successful DSL connections a snap. Simply turn the unit on, connect it to the local loop at the demarcation point and within seconds connection rates, noise margins and other results appear. Service providers are offering multiple levels of service based on different speeds and diversified valueadded options. The CoLT-450 ensures that service levels are achieved. Helps Optimize the Local Loop The CoLT-450 can be used at several key locations on the local loop to locate and confirm the presence of DSL signals. It can find signals at the central office MDF, cross boxes, pedestals, and throughout the customer's premise. Loop plant records and automated test systems are fine in terms of pre-qualifying a loop, but are unable to accurately predict the level of DSL service that can be achieved. The CoLT-450 displays identical connection rates to what a subscriber would achieve. Invest in the Future The modular design of the CoLT-450 allows Service Providers to change with the times. As new technologies come along, new modules and/or new enhancements will be deployed to allow Service Providers to keep their costs low by investing in the CoLT-450 Verification Test Set. The CoLT-450 is built around a flexible CPU architecture that allows it to be truly "future proof". The CoLT-450 is based upon a powerful communications CPU that gives all the necessary support for today's and tomorrow's high tech telecommunication broadband services. Superior Battery Management The CoLT-450 battery module is a field replaceable, rechargeable, self-contained, and swappable. Using NiMH technology, the CoLT-450 battery module slides in and locks in place with a single screw. Users can order multiple battery modules for prolonged field use. Because the battery charging circuitry is contained in the battery module, it can even be recharged without being attached to the CoLT-450's main chassis! Superior battery management ensures the battery is efficiently and effectively used. The CoLT-450's battery module can be charged from AC mains power or from a 12 VDC vehicle adapter. This makes the CoLT-450 a truly "go anywhere" DSL Test Set. Intelligent ventilation keeps the unit cool and dry The CoLT-450's clever ventilation allows the unit to keep cool without a cooling fan. Vents are designed such that rain doesn't easily enter the unit. This allows technicians to stay focused on installations without having to worry about the weather. Air flows effectively through the CoLT-450, keeping internal components within operating temperature even in the hottest climates. Smart Test Application Modules Changing test application modules is simple with the CoLT-450. Just slide out one module and slide in the next. One single captive screw holds the module in place. Consultronics supports the CoLT-450 with free of charge software/firmware upgrades for the life of the test set*. As upgrades become available, users can simply download the latest firmware/software from the Consultronics web site. Features Economical and easy-to-use Lightweight, modular, handheld design Large 128 x 128 backlit LCD display Support of multiple international languages is made easy with the CoLT-450's large graphical display Backlit LCD is ideal for low light conditions Runs a test at the push of a button Easy to navigate GUI allows users to become proficient with the operation of the CoLT-450 in no time at all The alphanumeric keypad makes provisioning and documenting circuits a breeze and allows for fast URL and IP address selection Troubleshoots the ATM and IP layers of DSL connections Easily confirms the successful delivery of DSL services at the Customer Premise or anywhere along the local loop! Field replaceable and rechargeable NiMH battery module Storage of results. Over 100 results are kept in non-volatile RAM Upgradeable software/firmware via an integral R8232C/V.24 interface * based on normal software/firmware advancements. Consultronics reserves the right to charge for additional applications and functionality.

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