BELDEN AX101470 Faceplates and Panels - 72-PORT GIGABIX TERMINATION KIT

BELDEN AX101470 Faceplates and Panels - 72-PORT GIGABIX TERMINATION KIT
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Product Description

BELDEN AX101470 Faceplates and Panels - 72-PORT GIGABIX TERMINATION KIT GigaBIX Termination Kit The Termination Kit, 72-port contains all components required to terminate (72) 4-pair cables in a GigaBIX Cross-Connect System. Its 12-connector GigaBIX Mount is designed to accommodate 4800LX high-performance cables. The 6-port GigaBIX Connectors have color-coded edges and port separation marks. They also have a keying feature that prevents connector insertion in the wrong orientation. The kit also contains Wire Guards, Termination Bars, Designation Strips and velcro ties. The kit is conveniently packaged in a sturdy carton with a detailed installation guide. Features & benefits Modular components packaged as a kit to ease planning and ordering New error-free installation method reduces termination time Versatile kit used for wall-mount or rack-mount data installations using the appropriate accessories High-density mounts to configure cross-connect modules 288 x 288 ports using GigaBIX Patch Cords Cross-Connect Modules are regrouped in an installation of up to 4608 ports Please refer to LabelFlex System for labelling > New high-tech look blends with equipment used in telecommunications rooms. Applications Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in Telecommunications Rooms and Main Distribution Rooms. Installation tips Even though a new installation method is proposed, the traditional installation method can still be used GigaBIX Mounts are not compatible with BIX Distribution Connectors and BIX Modular Jack Connectors GigaBIX Connectors are backwards compatible with all existing BIX mounts. Packaging Mount 1 Connector 6-port 12 Designation strips 6 Wood screws 2 Velcro ties 2 Installation Guide 1 Wire Guard 12 Termination Bars 72

GigaBIX Termination Kit 72-port AX101470

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