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Product Description

3M 4005DPM/TR MS2 MODULES CASE/120 25 PAIR PLUGGABLE MS2 80610416218 NEW Super Mate 25-pair Splicing Modules provide the reliability of soldered connections, the efficiency of multi-pair splicing, plus the proven performance of MS 2 splicing system. The MS 2 4000TR Series Super-Mini and 4005TR Series Super Mate Modules are the basic components of MS 2 Modular System Splicing from 3M. The modules are building blocks of a systematized splicing technology that can reduce installation time of outside or inside plant and in addition can reduce reworking demands, and save both time and effort in your construction and maintenance programs. Also, to make your job easier, all MS 2 modules are now transparent. U-shaped contacts enable solder-equivalent connections The MS 2 4000 TR 25-pair Series Super-Mini and MS 2 4005TR Super Mate Modules feature an array of U-shaped, phosphor-bronze contacts and stainless steel cut-off blades. As a module is crimped, each contact strips the insulation from the positioned wire and securely grips the conductor. During this crimping operation, the cut-off blades inside each module trim the excess wire. A single crimp completes a gas-tight connection on all 25-pairs in the module. Its simple and fast, because theres no need to strip or trim any of the individual pairs. Pair testing is easy Test entry ports on the front side of all modules provide access for testing individual pairs. All tests can be accomplished without opening the module, stripping insulation, or otherwise interrupting service. The rugged design and construction of the modules can withstand crimping and reopening to facilitate transfers or cable rearrangements at any time. 19 4005-DPM/16 16-Pair Pluggable Module The MS 2 4005-DPM/16 Pluggable Module is a fire-retardant, 16-pair dry pluggable module designed for installation and switching of cable pairs within the central office (CO) or PBX room. This module enables personnel to rearrange and transfer working circuits without interrupting service. 20 The 4005-DPM/16 module gives technicians the ability to perform cutovers quickly, at low cost, and without service interruption. Plus, each cutover is easily reversed. Modules are simply plugged or unplugged in 16-pair groups.

The 4005-DPM/TR Series Modules is dry straight splicing or bridging to 4000 Series Modules.

25 pair dry Super Mate stackable module with clear covers. 120 per case

Part Number: 4005-DPM/TR UPC: 00054007713708 3M ID: 80610416218

The 3M MS Super Mate Module Dry Transparent 4005-DPM/TR is a 25-pair modue that features an array of U-shaped, phosphor-bronze contacts and stainlesss steel cut-off blades.

Full Description

This is a dry, pluggable module with a transparent cover that's designed for use in aerial, buried, central office and underground applications.It is suggested to use one of the 3M MS Splicing Rigs along with this product.

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