Chemtronics DEL101** Electro-Wash® Delta

Chemtronics DEL101** Electro-Wash® Delta
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Product Description

Chemtronics DEL101** Electro-Wash® Delta The extra-strength, nonflammable electronics cleaner degreaser 1 gallon pail or bottle 1 per Pail or bottle

Electro-Wash® Delta Cleaner Degreaser is an extra strength, nonflammable electronics cleaner and degreaser. This high pressure aerosol cleaning agent quickly removes all contaminants – evaporating quickly without leaving residue.

Powerful cleaning agent Best AK225 replacement chemistry Nonflammable and fast drying Noncorrosive, safe for metals Penetrates to clean hard to reach areas Contains no ozone depleting compounds, low VOC's May be used on energized equipment Test on plastics

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