Chemtronics DEL1608B Electro-Wash® QD

Chemtronics DEL1608B Electro-Wash® QD
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Product Description

Chemtronics DEL1608B Electro-Wash® QD The fast drying, nonflammable electronics cleaner degreaser 12 oz. BrushClean™ System 12 per Case

Electro-Wash QD Precision Cleaner is a plastic safe, nonflammable cleaner formulated for cleaning electronic components and assemblies, and minimizing production downtime. It contains no chlorinated compounds. This precision cleaner is fast drying and has good solvency for oil, handling soils, dirt, and light residues. QD is available with the all-Way Spray Valve, to spray in any direction, and with a BrushClean attachment for extra cleaning actionElectro-Wash® Delta Cleaner Degreaser is an extra strength, nonflammable electronics cleaner and degreaser. This high pressure aerosol cleaning agent quickly removes all contaminants – evaporating quickly without leaving residue.

Removes dirt, carbon, oil, and oxide residues Contains no chlorinated solvents; non chlorinated Nonflammable Excellent material compatibility Displaces moisture Evaporates fast, minimizes down time Leaves no residues Enhances electrical signal Low toxicity Noncorrosive

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