Chemtronics ES1015 Ultrajet® 70

Chemtronics ES1015 Ultrajet® 70
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Product Description

Chemtronics ES1015 Ultrajet® 70 The powerful economical duster with a BIGGER blast than competitive dusters. 10 oz. aerosol cans 12 per Case

Ultrajet® 70 is an economical general-purpose duster with a new BIGGER blast for electronic applications. Its exceptional purity jet instantly cleans surfaces free of particulate contamination. Ultrajet® 70 is engineered to remove dirt, dust, oxide particles and other airborne particles instantly, and can be used to facilitate the accelerated drying of solvent cleaners.

Safe on plastics Completely nonflammable Xtra cleaning strength 100% ultra-pure HFC-134a Leaves no residue Filtered to 0.2 microns Bigger blast than all competitive dusters 5 year shelf life

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