POP N WORK (FOF) CT 6601 CANOPY 6' X 6' ONLY - no wall attachments -NEW

POP N WORK (FOF) CT 6601 CANOPY 6' X 6'  ONLY - no wall attachments -NEW
Item# 37587425

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Product Description

POP N WORK (FOF) CT 6601 CANOPY ONLY 6' X 6' - no wall attachments - NEW

Item #: 37587425

Model #: CT-6601

The POP N WORK CT-6601 CANOPY ONLY is a 6' x 6' canopy. NO wall attachments. Canopies have white tops with ansi green valances. While our canopies have study construction with heavy materials, they offer flexible shelter and adapts to a wide range of worksites and weather conditions.

Larger work areas can be covered by easily connecting two or more canopies with a drain flap. The setup is so simple: Just pop out the roof frame and flip the locking lever.

Great for uneven or rough terrain, each leg can be individually adjusted to the needed height. Canopies come with four windlines (one on each corner) for windy conditions. Also included are two adjustable straps with hooks and two adjustable straps with suction cups to securely anchor your canopy.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT : 88" maximum height. (Custom sizes are available upon request.)

DIMENSIONS: 6' x 6' square

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