PELSUE 6506FS FIBER OPTIC SPLICE TENT 6X6X6 feet WHITE white/black rear wall zipper with case

PELSUE 6506FS FIBER OPTIC SPLICE TENT 6X6X6 feet WHITE white/black rear wall zipper with case
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PELSUE 6506FS FIBER OPTIC SPLICE TENT 8X8X6 feet WHITE white/black rear wall zipper with case


SolarShade Fiber Splicing Tent This portable tent features improvements specifically for fiber splicing. Including a large rear access slot for large truck cables. With a spacious interior there is more than enough room for your equipment and a collapsible table. The tent has two side vents, with fabric mesh screening which allows for additional ventilation and light to get in while keeping insects out. The front side of the tent also functions as a roll-up door, and includes double sided zippers to allow for easy entry and exit. Both the roll-up door and the two side vents can be secured with built in Velcro straps. The back features two locking zippers to facilitate cable and fiber access into the tent, while minimizing the unwanted light. As always the tent material is Fire/UV/Water resistant to ensure a comfortable working environment regardless of the weather, and comes with a case.

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-Large 14 inches cable access door, includes double-sided zipper, also suitable as a ventilation/hose pass-through. -Solar blocking (black) Material on all interior surfaces-Heavy duty frame for increased wind resistance -Webbing loops on all four corners, allows corners to be secured with ground stakes if necessary -Tie down cords on both exterior sides and rear, for use with ground stakes if necessary -Roll-up front door, with two double sided heavy-duty zippers, and tie-offs at the top of the tent to secure door when not in use -Two oversized black mesh windows, one on each of the sides (not front or rear), for additional light and/or circulation


Model Nominal Size Weight Folded Dimensions 6506FS 6' W x 6' L x 6' H 20 LBS 6 inches x 56 inches 6508FS 8' W x 8' L x 6' H 31 LBS 7 inches x 66 inches

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