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MARATHON MAR045302 .045 X 1200FT TYPE 302 LASHING WIRE BOX/6 NEW Stainless Steel Lash ing Wire Marathon Stainless Steel Lashing Wire is made from various grades of stainless steel. It is coiled to fit all standard lashers such as the C, J2 or the Apollo Lasher machines. The lashing wire is wrapped around aerial cable or combination of cables to a supporting strand between poles. Marathon lashing wire offerings are either .038 inch diameter or .045 inch diameter, manufactured in lengths of 1200 or 1600 coils. It is available in a 430, 302 and 316 stainless steel alloy, packaged in cartons of 6 coils.

Type 430 Stainless 16 18% chromium content Type 430 SS wire is recommended for general use and in ordinary atmospheric conditions. Not recommended for use within 25 miles of salt water or industrial operations which emit pollutants.

Type 302 Stainless 18 20% chromium content and minimum 8% nickel Type 302 SS wire is recommended for use in corrosive environments with high tensile strength and breaking load.

Type 316 Stainless Contains 10% nickel content and 2.5- 3.0% molybdenum Type 316 SS wire is more resistant to the corrosive action of most chemicals, including chlorides and sulfides. Type 316 stainless steel provides the best insurance against failure under the most severe atmospheric conditions and is recommended for use in salt water and high industrial environments.

Part Number Size Type Tensile Ave. Break Std. Coil Weight Per Ave Weight Strength (lbs) Pkg. Length Coil Per Box (lbs) MAR038302 .038 302 95K-125Kpsi 115 6 1600 6.5 40 MAR045302 .045 302 95K-125K psi 165 6 1200 6.5 40 MAR045316 .045 316 70K-95K psi 125 6 1200 6.5 40 MAR045430 .045 430 95K-120K psi 150 6 1200 6.5 40

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