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3M DYNATEL 945DSP SUBSCRIBER LOOP ANALYZER REPAIRED 945DSP Subscriber Loop Tester The Dynatel 945DSP Subscriber Loop Tester is the entry-level model in 3Mís powerful Dynatel 900 Series of microprocessor-controlled subscriber loop test sets. The fully integrated 945DSP performs a wide range of voice band tests to analyze twisted-pair problems for full-featured POTS testing. It is capable of making accurate resistance readings in the presence of a foreign voltage and can store and dial up to 10 individual numbers for active line testing. The test set can be ordered in either C Message Weighting or Psophometric Filter versions for circuit noise measurements, depending upon local requirements. The 945DSP Subscriber Loop Tester is user-friendly and features an icon-based display of test results for simple interpretations. The weather-resistant 945DSP test set is housed in a lightweight case for easy handling and comes with a quick instruction card to make the 945DSP even easier to operate.

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