Chemtronics ES1050 Freez-ItŪ

Chemtronics ES1050 Freez-ItŪ
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Product Description

Chemtronics ES1050 Freez-ItŪ The high-performance, pinpoint-accurate freeze spray for isolating individual failed components on PC boards. 10 oz. aerosol cans 12 per Case.

Freez-ItŪ is engineered for locating thermal intermittent electrical components and cooling printed circuit boards. This circuit refrigerant system is nonflammable, residue-free and provides fast cooling action.

Pinpoint spray isolates individual components without freezing surrounding areas Rapidly cools components to -60°F/-51°C Non-abrasive, safe for use on plastics and other sensitive surfaces Ultra pure, filtered to <0.2 microns Nonflammable CFC/HCFC free Evaporates quickly Leaves no residue 5 year shelf life

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