CHEMQUE 2005-6 UNIVERSAL PLUGGING COMPOUND 6oz TUBE NEW ***minimum order 24***

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Product Description

CHEMQUE 2005-6 UNIVERSAL PLUGGING COMPOUND 6oz TUBE NEW ***minimum order 24*** Universal Plugging Compound Q-TEL 2005 & Q-TEL 2005F Q-Tel 2005 is a two component, low exotherm polyurethane compound designed for constructing air and moisture dams in both PIC and Pulp/Paper telecommunication cables. When mixed together, the two components form a durable and flexible polyurethane elastomer that stands up even under the most extreme environmental conditions. Q-Tel 2005 forms an effective cable block that will hold air pressure within 60 minutes after injection at 77F (25C). Q-Tel 2005 comes in two grades. The summer grade Q-Tel 2005 has a gel time of 28 minutes. The winter grade Q-Tel 2005F has an even faster gel time of 10 minutes at room temperature.

Features: " Low Exotherm " Fast Setting " Excellent Electrical Properties " Non-Expanding " Tough and Flexible " Safe - Does not contain TDI or MOCA

Packaging: Q-TEL 2005 is available in barrier kit cartridges or in divided bags. Custom packaging is also available to meet your specific needs. 6 oz. (160 gm) Barrier Cartridge 24/case 20 oz. (535 gm) Barrier Cartridge 12/case 300 gm Divided Bag 12/case 535 gm Divided Bag 12/case 1200 gm Friction Top Cans 1/case 1500 gm Friction Top Cans 1 /case

***must be order in qtys of 24***

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