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Product Description

CLAUSS NO-NIK STRIPPER NN175 175UM MUSTARD HANDLE NEW The most reliable tool for stripping fiberoptics, from the company long regarded as the industry standard for precision wire stripping... • NO-NIK® Strippers for fiberoptics! • Accurate to -0mm, +.0127 mm • No adjustments necessary Tired of costly rejects when you prepare fiberoptics? Improper removal of Buffer Coatings costs you time and money. You can do the job quickly and with total reliability with the No-Nik Fiberoptic Stripper! No-Nik Fiberoptic Strippers meet the most stringent specifications. Used properly they are 100% reliable! Plastic heads, which make contact only with Mechanically Strip Buffer Coating! the Buffer, center and support your work on both sides. Cutting blades made from razor quality steel score the Buffer completely. Back-up blades support the cutting blades, nest positively, and “lock up” when the tool is closed to maintain perfect concentricity. Buffer being removed acts as guide and protection for the fiber. Color-coded handles ensure proper tool selection, quickly and easily. Many fibers need no secondary cleaning. However, some primary coatings can leave residue on the fiber and may require some chemical cleaning to insure a pristine surface. NO-NIK® FIBEROPTIC STRIPPER SELECTION CHART STOCK HANDLE MINIMUM STRIPPING MINIMUM STRIPPING NUMBER COLOR BLADE DIAMETER µm BLADE DIAMETER INCHES NN102 Navy 102 .004 NN127 Silver 127 .005 NN152 Gold 152 .006 NN175 Mustard 175 .007 NN203 Red 203 .008 NN254 Lt. Blue 254 .010 NN305 White 305 .012 NN1118 Brown 1,118 .044

FOR PLASTIC FIBER NN1372 Clear 1,372 .054

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