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3M DYNATEL 2273-U5P3 SHEATH FAULT LOCATOR 5 WATT NEW 2273 5 WATT POWER VERSION Depending on the model you choose, Dynatel Cable Locators find the exact path and estimated depth of CATV and telephone cables, as well as provide toning of aerial cable. Dynatel Cable and Fault Locators also identify and measure points of cable damage. The 2273-U3P3 Cable/Sheath Fault Locator efficiently locates sheath faults and traces the path of underground cables, both copper and fiber optic (with metallic trace wire). Dynatel locators also identify and measure points of cable damage where there is metallic contact to earth via a conductor or cable shield. Built-in features for enhanced accuracy From basic to full features, Dynatel locators have several built-in features that allow you to perform cable locating with utmost accuracy. You can choose up to four different modes (peak, null, differential or special peak) depending on which is most effective under your field conditions. Receivers incorporate an "expander" function to make peaks and nulls more pronounced by enhancing the amplitude difference between two conductors carrying the same tone. Easy to learn and simple to use Dynatel locators require little training and are simple to use. Digital LCD readouts and push-button operation make the units easy to interpret for precise locates. A bar graph on the receiver indicates received signal and proximity to the cable, and a "memory" feature on some receivers stores operator setup from previous use. With the push of a button, depth to the cable or pipe is displayed, ensuring efficient locating and accurate excavation. By attaching the Dynatel 2205/2206 Marker Locating Accessory to the Dynatel Cable/Fault Locator, the operator can simultaneously trace a cable path while finding buried EMS Markers along the way. Fault locators include an earth contact frame that is color-coded to correspond with indications from the receiver. These indications simplify the locating procedure by directing the operator to the fault. fault. Includes 3 Watt Transmitter, 3 in. inductive coupler, direct connect cable for Power/Utility applications, fault locating accessories. Sheath fault cable path locator.

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