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3M 8882-600 High Gel Foil Closed Mixing Pouch Reenterable Encap This completely reenterable encapsulant uses a new compound technology. It delivers a high level of adhesion and excellent moisture protection at low cost. 3M Id : 80-6111-6609-3 It absorbs cable-filling materials, yet remains reenterable. No cable cleaning is required, even when splicing filled cable. Contains no isocyanates. It provides better penetration of splice bundles at low temperatures due to its lower viscosity and longer gel time. 3M 8882 High Gel Reenterable Encapsulant is a two-part nonurethane encapsulating compound.

High Gel aggressively adheres to filled cable and is compatible with common plastics used in telephone splice connectors. Application is quick and easy, since High Gel accepts forced-compound techniques as well as gravity-fill.

Features Better penetration of splice bundles at low temperatures due to its slower viscosity and longer gel time. Stays firm at high temperatures due to its increased hydrolytic stability Contains no isocyanates, so the risk of a reaction is greatly reduced. High level of adhesion Resistant to moisture ingress

Applications Suitable for re-enterable buried splicing applications in the Telecommunications industry

3M ID 80-6111-6605-1 UPC: 00051138754716

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