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ASW-02 Splicing WorkstationThe ASW-02 Splicing Workstation can be used with a fusion splicer and cleaver in aerial or terrestrial splicing applications. The ASW-02 provides a stable work surface and secure mounting of the splicer and cleaver to prevent accidental drops and equipment damage in challenging splicing locations.The ASW-02 Splicing Workstation consists of the work tray, a convenient pivoting cleaver mounting arm, a post for attachment to bucket or ladder mounting accessories, a tripod mount, and dual safety straps. An aerial mounting system is available for direct attachment of the workstation to a telephone pole, or for suspending the workstation from an aerial cable strand. The strand mounting system is fully adjustable to providefor optimal location of the workstation when minimal slack fiber is available, such as in a taut-sheath cable access scenario.In the aerial environment, the safety straps may be secured to the cable strandto provide security and aid with workstation position adjustment. The safety strapsare also used to secure the workstation to the pole, and may be used to raise or lower the workstation.

Features•Provides direct to pole mounting as well as direct adjustable attachment to aerial strand•Mounting post provided for attachment to bucket and ladder mounting accessories (utilizing any popular copper splicer-head mounting rigs)•Tripod mount allows for placement in tight FTTH splicing applications•Includes cable tie locations to secure cables during splicing•Optimized to simplify taut sheath splicing applications•Cleaver mount securely captures cleaver and allows operator to rotateit in and out of the workspace as needed•Matte finish minimizes glare•Compatible with all FSM-17, FSM-18, FSM-50, FSM-60 and 19/70 series models

S010532 ASW-02 Splicing Workstation (Full kit with aerial mounting system)Includes aerial mounting system to provide strand and pole mounting capability,a post for attachment to bucket or ladder mount accessories anda receptacle for tripod mounting and safety straps

S013620 ASW-02 Splicing Workstation (Without aerial mounting system)Includes a post for attachment to bucket or ladder mount accessories anda receptacle for tripod mounting

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