AINES SP150 BANANA PROBE 400751483 YELLOW, ROUND NEW ***requires 206 battery***

AINES SP150 BANANA PROBE 400751483 YELLOW, ROUND NEW ***requires 206 battery***
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Product Description

AINES SP150 BANANA PROBE 400751483 YELLOW, ROUND NEW ***requires 206 battery*** The probe requires a tone source in the range of 500 to 1000 hertz, such as the AINES Model 140A Tone Test Set or another of the same or better quality.......

The AINES Model 150SP STATIONMAN Probe is designed to be an inexpensive solution to the location of tone while at the same time, utilizing your telephone test set (such as the AINES Telephone Test Set ) as the audio headset. The 150SP is provided with a cone-shaped tip and a duckbill tip that is longer and flatter, permitting insertion onto larger cables or cables under tension where slack cannot be obtained. An optional leather carrying case is available at low cost.

Requires (1) Eveready 206 (9-volt) battery


No more damaged insulation No more time consuming searching Quickly and easily sorts through wires to identify a customers cable pair Leads of the butt set are clipped to the "ears" of the probe When the probe nears the proper cable pair, the tone signal is heard in the receiver Lightweight and sturdy Low cost operation Battery powered, automatically energized when the clips of the butt set are attached No switches to break High input impedance to permit capacitive coupling with the pair carrying the tone signal Output impedance is low to match the impedance of the butt set or headset

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