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Product Description

AMP 775130-5 10PR QUIET FRONT WIRE TERMINAL NEW 10 Pair in-line quiet front terminal, gel filled with 4 foot aircore stub.

Product Facts Terminal lugs and housing, made of nonconductive material, provide a "QUIET FRONT" terminal Terminates industry standard 18.5 AWG [1.02 mm] and 22-24 AWG [0.65-0.50 mm] in all wire entry ports Two conductors may be terminated at each post allowing jumpers and party lines Low-force insulation displacement, featuring the SILENT SLOT contact design, eliminates the danger of wire nicking or cutting during termination Tin plated copper alloy contacts are environmentally protected with grease or gel sealant Grease sealant is field replaceable Uses industry standard 216C hand tool Craft friendly design allows for quick turn termination Durable terminal lug withstands 30-in.-lb. torque with either one or two conductors of any gauge combination Red or black replaceable lugs available for special service markers Terminal lug test port provides easy access for line testing without service termination Available with either air core, filled, or shielded filled stub cable Available in 5-, 6-, 10-, 12-, 15-, 16- and 25-pair configurations Mounts in most industry standard pedestals Rear exit versions available for aerial terminal applications Ideally suited for all terminal applications Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as a Communications Circuit Accessory, Non-protected File No. E81956, Protected File No. E150826 Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR 88328-1 Description The AMP QUIET FRONT Terminal Block is the latest development in outside plant interconnection technology. The blocks are designed to connect telephone distribution lines with individual drop wires.

These blocks are capable of terminating 18.5 AWG [1.02 mm] and 22-24 AWG [0.65-0.50 mm] wires. The block will terminate two wires of either size at each post. The use of a new user-friendly, rotary, insulation displacement design provides precise termination in one-quarter turn of the lug. The contact design also protects the drop wires from nicks during the termination process.

The design of the block gives "QUIET BLOCK" performance through environmental protection from corrosion, sprays, moisture, and insects.

The replaceable lugs (available in red or black) provide a fast inexpensive means of field repair for overtorqued posts as well as a means of identifying special service circuits.

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